• Udumbara Flowers

    Udumbara Flowers: A celestial flower with stalks that look like silk threads with a tiny white flower on top. They have no roots, require no food or water and live a very long time. Their first appearance was seen directly on the face of a Golden Buddha statue, in the Sumi Zen temple in Korea.

    Udumbara Flowers
  • Still Mind

    “To a mind that is still,
    the whole universe surrenders.”
    ~Lao Tzu


    Still Mind
  • Crystals

    “In a crystal we have the clear evidence of the existence of a formative life-principle,
    and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is none the less a living being.”
    ~Nikola Tesla

  • Dream Deep

    “Reach high for stars lie hidden in you.
    Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.”
    ~ Rabindranath Tagore

    Dream Deep
  • Lotus

    The Lotus Flower: A symbol for awakening to the spiritual reality of Life. Become the Lotus.
    The Lotus starts as a small flower at the bottom of a pond in mud. It slowly grows toward the surface continually moving towards the Light where it blossoms and turns into a beautiful flower.

  • The Mother Crystal

    Brazilian Mother Crystal Rose Quartz at the John of God Healing Centre, Casa De Dom Inacio De Loyola, Abadiania, Brazil.

    The Mother Crystal
  • Healing Bed

    Welcome to my Crystal Light Bed Healing. Energy/vibrational medicine has become a very popular alternative healing therapy. It is the medicine of the future.

    Crystal Light Bed Healing is the ultimate life enhancing experience because of the profound work being done on all levels of the body, by the spiritual doctors. The results & benefits outweigh many other healing therapies available.

    Healing Bed
  • My Mission

    “My mission is to help others to find their life purpose, to heal and make the most of their journey this life time.  To witness miraculous changes within others is inspiration to my work. The crystal light bed is an amazing healing therapy and  a crystal light and chromobased technology that really works.”

    My Mission
  • Lynne

    Group Leader & Energy Intuitive Crystal Light Bed Healer & Clairvoyant.
    Lynne Paterson is an energy intuitive, working in Quantum Healing. She is a very gifted spiritual clairvoyant medium and has been working with spiritual (non-physical) entities most of her adult life.


Crystal Lightbed Healing

Light & Colour Energy Healing sessions on the crystal lightbed, which was designed in Brazil by Medium Joao, (John of God). For vibrational healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas of the body using crystal, light and colour frequencies.

Clairvoyant Medium Consultations

Lynne is available for private, one on one channelling sessions for anyone seeking wisdom and guidance from spiritual light beings and family and friends who have passed over to the other side. Sometimes we need a little extra help when our life direction becomes uncertain. There is nothing like getting very clear direction from spiritual guides who have our best interests at heart.

Group Meditation Sessions

Held once a month.  Global group energy for helping the Earth to Ascend and healing for all Humanity.

Healing Light Workshops and Courses

Education- part of the ongoing process of learning and developing on our spiritual path. At various times throughout the year, Lynne conducts healing workshops and spiritual development courses which have been channeled to her by the Spirits of Light.

Right here, in Hobart is the most incredible healing centre. crystal light healing bed

The physical sensations of having spiritual doctors/surgeons working on your body is unique to each individual. Clients testify to being amazed at their results from Crystal Lightbed Therapy.

Energy/vibrational medicine has become a very popular alternative healing therapy. It is the medicine of the future. Read More


Group Leader to the Casa in Brazil

Official Guide to the Casa De Dom Inacio De Loyola, Abadiania, Brazil:

Lynne has revisited the Casa on numerous occasions and has been given permission to become a Group Leader to this wonderful healing sanctuary in the mountains of Brazil. She arranges trips to Brazil for people interested in having personal healing sessions with John of God. This is a fully accompanied journey to the spiritual hospital. Read More

“My mission is to help others to find their life purpose, to heal and make the most of their journey this life time. To witness miraculous changes within others is inspiration to my work. The crystal light bed is an amazing healing therapy and a crystal light and chromobased technology that really works.”
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Contact Lynne for an appointment - Phone 03 6295 0480 Mobile: +61416 560 911  (0416 560 911 within Australia)



I visited Lynne to start my path on a spiritual journey and what I received was much, much more. I now feel 100 times better, physically, mentally & spiritually. I was thinking about looking into crystals and a few days later a friend handed me Lynne's card and I just knew I had to go and see her. It was the best decision I have ever made. I have struggled with my vision most of my life. Six years ago I had a corneal transplant on my right eye and last year I had corneal cross linking in my left eye. But even after both of these procedures I had still been struggling to see - to the point where, whilst wearing glasses, I could barely read my computer screen and my wife would have to drive me around at night. I was given a message during my visit to Lynne that I would receive eye surgery during my crystal bed session and what an amazing experience it was. I had sensations like my eyes were darting back and forth followed by a feeling that they were rolling around, kind of like how you focus a camera. Driving home, I noticed something different....I could actually see crystal clear. Th following week I went to my eye specialist and he confirmed that I now have 20/20 vision whilst wearing my glasses. Something I have never had previously. During my 4 visits to Lynne, I have had numerous different sensations of such things as feeling fingers inside my chest, touching my heart. I felt like I was floating above my body as if I was on a hammock. I have been relayed messages that has improved my health greatly, plus I have changed the way I think & feel aobut everything in life & my outlook has never been more positive. If you are undecided about visiting Lynne & the Crystal Light Bed, please feel free to give me a call and I will happily talk to you about my experiences. –Grant Hary  QLD 0417 198 584

On April 2011, I took a journey with a small group of like-minded people to Brazil to visit John of God and the Casa de Dom Inacio. I, being the only male, felt quite comfortable amidst these fellow pilgrims and was looking forward to sharing the spiritual journey of enlightenment with them. Lynne Paterson, whom I can only describe as an 'earth angel' was our dedicated Group Leader. Lynne organised us & constantly attended to our needs from the very start of our journey, and is to be commended for her tireless efforts in doing so. We were initially like a bunch of school kids off on an excursion! At all the airports where we had to make connecting flights within a limited time, Lynne herded & steered us in the right direction with ease & grace. In Abadiania, our ultimate destination, she constantly kept a watchful eye over us all, sometimes having to quietly reprimand us to keep us from straying off this spiritual path we had embarked upon. Lynne proved to be very tolerant of our group at times when we unintentionally set her a challenge or two. She was able to comunicate & explain relevant matters & events which were taking place in and around the Casa, and displayed an immense amount of understanding when it was required of her. During our two weeks stay at the Pousada we were well catered for and Lynne constantly ensured we were comfortable & well cared for especially after concurrent surgeries, when we were confined to our beds for 24 hours.. In this instance she became an 'angelic waitress', as she floated from room to room with our meals, donning a bow tie & silver tray! Lynne has a gift in comunicating with people which was evident everyday when she spoke with us, keeping us thoroughly informed of everything we needed to know to avoid any misunderstandings in the Casa & surroundings. I felt privileged to have been in Lynne's keep whilst making this amazing journey. I would have no hesitation in rcommending a journey to the Casa with her, but one thing is for sure - if you do take the journey, there will be a strong desire to return. Thank you Lynne, and my fellow travellers with whom I have formed a special bond - my life's journey has been spiritually enlightened. –Rod Bailey, Brisbane, Australia

On April 30th I was very excited to be on my way to the John of God Casa in Brazil. I was with a group of 4 and our Group Leader was Lynne Paterson who did a fabulous job. Lynne was great in getting us to our connecting flights quickly & efficiently there and back. While we were in Abadiania, Lynne was very caring and attentive, guiding us through all protocol that is required when visiting the Casa to achieve the greatest benefits even bringing our meals to us in our rooms when we were recovering from surgeries. Lynne was also a great shopping guide within the village: we brought home some lovely mementos. I would never recommend anyone going to the casa with a guide. I believe we had a much greater experience due to Lynne being our Group Leader. –Ros. Bayley  Gold Coast QLD, Australia

I have known Lynne Paterson for over three years and have travelled with her on two occasions to Abadiania when she has been my guide to see Medium Joao de Deus and the Entities at the Casa. I have found her to be most efficient in all aspects of her guiding. She is kind, courteous and compassionate. She is very knowledgeable in the rules and protocols of the Casa and directs clearly and efficiently in all of the activities. I was always well prepared in advance before the Casa working days and I was well looked after when recovering from surgeries. Non -Casa days were well planned and spiritual development continued with talks and activities such as visits to the waterfall and made aware of the sacredness of the event. Lynne is discreet and any aspects of one's health that were discussed remained confidential. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a person worthy of receiving the title of Official Group Leader.  –Patricia Millar N.Z. 

I have recently returned from Lynne's April/May 2011 tour to Brazil to see John of God. It has been the experience of a lifetime for me and one that has changed my life. As a Group Leader, Lynne prepared us well for the encounter and the return trip to Brazil was without mishap. She guided us through eight plane changes & some 54 hours of travel returning to Australia without any problems, leading us safely though customs & baggage checking. While in Brazil she nurtured us through our spiritual awakenings & helped us to understand why we were experiencing & feeling the way we were. Lynne knew intuitively when to help and when to "let it be" so we could have our own "ah ha" moments. The accommodation was clean & in a great location being 200 mtrs from the Casa & the food was top notch! Having as much as we could eat, wholesome, good organic meals, I felt like I was eating all day, but at the end of the two weeks, I had actually lost weight! Bonus!!! While attending the Casa and presenting in front of John of God, Lynne ensured we always knew what to expect & always thought ahead, providing us with our passes & collecting our energised herbs after our operations. She even went the extra mile and carried food trays to our rooms for the 24 hours after. I would like to thank Lynne for her care & concern of myself & my fellow travellers for making the Brazilian Tour a "trip of a lifetime". Thanks Lynne for a great experience. –C. Walsh Marriage Celebrant QLD. 

Lynne, I would like to thank you for the reading you did for me, as it gave me a new perspective on my personal life and also my spiritual journey. You gave me a sense of clarity and strength, and this has enabled me to move forward on my journey with a new vision. Lynne was able to bring through messages and guidance from my daughter who passed to spirit when she was aged six. I have been aware of my daughter’s spirit since she passed over and Lynne’s insights were accurate. Lynne gave me her guidance with confidence and ease and I look forward to the future with love and happiness. –Carol Cross Angel Intuitive/Spiritual Teacher QLD. 

My name is Carleen and I have been on the Crystal Bed approximately 10 times. When I am on the bed I feel the surgeons work on me and feel their presence in the room. They sometimes commence surgery before Lynne even leaves the room and it continues for days after my crystal bed experience. Every healing has been a different experience for me and I feel great after about one week later, as it takes that long to get over the surgery as would normal surgery. The last surgery was a memorable one for me as I felt lifted from the table and then tilted sideways so that I was on a lean. If felt like I was being drained or replenished however you look at it. I receive messages from the entities during Lynne’s preparation that only I can understand and I find it comforting to be reassured by them when I need it most. I have recently lost a very dear friend through cancer and I see her during my healing smiling happy and out of pain. I experience a more intense power of my Reiki gift and I enjoy passing this onto my clients. I am glad that I have come across the Crystal Bed Healings just when I needed it and give thanks for this. –Carleen W. QLD.. 

Lynne Paterson has an unrivalled service in South East Queensland. Her practice is of the highest quality, compassion and integrity and with the help of the John of God Entities, she provides a precise, efficient and effective method of healing. Lynne’s own channeling supported by the use of the Crystal Light Bed creates an environment for deep and permanent changes to be made on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels of a patient. Since visiting Lynne I have experienced a sense of balance, my chakras have opened even further and my connections with my Spirit guides has increased. It has been a great experience for the preparation of work I am doing. I would unreservedly recommend visiting Lynne for a consultation and a Light Bed session to anyone taking responsibility for their own health and spiritual well being. –William W, Vibrational Energy Healer 

I initially experienced the privilege of receiving a healing from Lynne Paterson during 2003. I had been through an enormous amount of stress (in relation to a divorce, a death in the family, an illness in the family, a change in jobs and a change in address etc) and my health had deteriorated rapidly. I weighed a mere 44 kilograms, was experiencing extreme difficulties in digesting my food and my menstrual cycle had ceased. I was only 32 years of age. My first visit with Lynne changed my life significantly and since that date she has provided me with much needed spiritual support and guidance on many occasions. I have also experienced miraculous physical healings through Lynne. Late in 2005, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was extremely ill and was subsequently house bound. I experienced extreme weakness and constant pain. Talking, eating and showering became major challenges in my life. When Lynne started working with her Crystal Light Bed from the Casa De Dom Inacio, Brazil, I immediately began receiving treatments. Yet again, my life changed in profound ways. I found that with each treatment I gained more energy, experienced less pain, my digestion improved, I gained weight, my menstrual cycle became more regular, I was more able to relax and became less anxious about my illness and I gained much insight in relation to my illness and my future path. Having followed the guidance that I received regarding my future path, I am now feeling whole and centred for the first time in many years. I met my twin soul as soon as I embarked on my advised future path. I am feeling vibrantly alive and ecstatically happy. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Lynne for helping me to change my life. –Leisa H. (BTeach, BEd, MEd)  

I have had the pleasure over the past three years to seek Lynne Paterson's services as a clairvoyant a number of times. Each time I have been impressed with her readings, which have guided me and informed me of many things, a lot of my questions have been successfully answered with stunning accuracy. Lynne's professionalism is without doubt and I have in the past, recommended friends to seek her services and will happily continue to do so in the future. I also look forward to seeking Lynne's services when I feel the need for future guidance. –L.C. 

Crystal Bed Light Therapy with Lynne Paterson has been a rewarding experience. Unlike people who seek Crystal Light Therapy for physical ailments I sought out Lynne’s services in search of personal development. The treatments I experienced with Lynne and the entities who worked with me during each treatment have helped me to conceptualise my life path more clearly and to easily experience a more enjoyable and positive approach to life. I can very easily and with great joy encourage anyone to seek Lynne’s service. That Lynne is genuine can be felt immediately and her professional approach does little to disguise her genuine warmth. I felt each of the procedures carried out by the psychic surgeons clearly although I experienced no pain. I am so grateful for this wonderful treatment, I can only offer words of encouragement to anyone who would hesitate to experience for it for themselves. –Diane Shipway, Brisbane, Qld 

Lynne Paterson comes from the right place - heart - this is most unusual work and from a distance may seem unbelievable - yet the experience is real, incredibly real. I still pinch myself every time I emerge from a crystal bed session and wonder. The physical sensations, unexplainable occurrences often leave me gobsmacked. Whoever these invisible surgeons are that work through Lynne's nurturing space, they are doing something good on many levels - bringing the emotional and physical bodies into a better understanding and alignment - and certainly expanding the spiritual. I actually think I have better understanding of what spiritual now means. Something is happening because I feel it every time - and always in directions and with outcomes I least expect. The depth of this modality of healing work reminds you every time to assume nothing and expect anything. This is just the tip of what is out there to come - now that's exciting. –Debra R. Sweden 

Lynne was recommended to my husband due to back surgery that did not go well, he was in a lot of pain and it was affecting his day to day life and he was losing income because of it. Since having his treatments with Lynne he rarely complains of pain and his overall attitudes and outlook on life has changed dramatically for the better, he now has regular treatments and is improving in all areas of his life. After seeing this radical change in him, I decided it was exactly what I needed, I had been suffering various illnesses that the Dr had attributed to stress, and because of this I rarely went out and had lost my enthusiasm for life, with three young children this was having a negative effect on our household. After my first treatment I felt a new sense of hope for the first time in over 2yrs, with each session I could physically feel the spirit Dr’s working on the areas that needed work, this was confirmed each time by Lynne after the sessions, I went for 7 weeks and the changes that took place are amazing I am back in the swing of things and feel great. Thank you Lynne, you are a magnificent healer and a terrific lady to boot, your Crystal Bed Healings will always be part of our health regime. –Meg S. Brisbane Australia.